What Does Free Delivery Really Mean?


In today’s appliance industry, reading the fine print is more important than ever. Appliance retailers constantly find new ways of wording their ads, web banners and service descriptions to lure customers to their place of business, using terms as “free delivery,” “in-home delivery,” or “white glove service.” How can “free delivery” be misleading?  This free delivery may only include dropping a boxed appliance at the end of your driveway.

Page Hardware and Appliance Co. is a non-commissioned sales force with one main approach with our customers, set the right expectations for our customers, allowing them to make an educated decision.

At Page Hardware and Appliance Co. we have found that some of our competitors are offering “free delivery.” Even if you do happen to get charged for delivery with their “white glove service” or “in-home delivery” it is important to understand the fine line. Most of the retailers in the area or online will ONLY deliver. It is important to understand this. Again, setting expectations – they will not unpack, install or dispose of any debris or old machines. Some stores will charge $88 for this delivery and that doesn’t even include stairs. For another $100, they will then place the BOXED unit in the room of your choice; the extra $100 is the charge for going up stairs, not even installed.

What can you expect from a Page Hardware and Appliance Co. delivery?  Professionalism and attention to detail to ensure a safe and proper delivery. Not only that, on select appliances, we will un-box, remove old appliance and packaging debris, plug in, level and secure the unit, all for a reasonable price. We do facilitate installation with Bills Home Professionals out of East Haven for those appliances that require electrical, plumbing, and minor carpentry modifications. Please ask us for pricing on major appliance installations.

Page Hardware and Appliance Co. is committed to providing the best customer service experience, and achieving this by “letting the buyer beware.” The delivery process is the last opportunity Page has to show you how committed we are to make sure you don’t leave the store as “just another sale” but rather, a friend of Page Hardware and Appliance Co. that would be glad to share their positive experience with their friends and family and return for years to come.

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