DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

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Fresh herbs at your fingertips.

Mason jars are not just used for canning anymore. This is a fun and creative way to grow your fresh herbs inside all year round. The chalkboard label allows you to reuse the planters for different herbs or other plants you may want to grow in the future. The sand in the bottom of the jar serves as a drainage system since the jar is enclosed. It absorbs all of the extra water in case of an over watering. A homemade herb garden is a great asset to have in your kitchen. It is convenient and you can know exactly where your fresh herbs are coming from. This is an easy and cost effective way to make an herb garden with simple materials that can all be found at Page Hardware.

– Mason jar
– Seeds
– Potting Soil
– Sand
– Chalkboard paint
– Painter’s Tape


Step 1: Using the painter’s tape, tape off a rectangle on the smooth edge of the Mason jar.

ImageStep 2: Spray the chalkboard paint to the area you taped off. Allow to dry for 4 hours and then apply a second coat. It will be safe to draw on with chalk after 3 days.


Step 3: Fill the bottom of the mason jar with 1 ” of sand.

ImageStep 4: Fill the jar up with garden soil and then plant the seeds under the top of the soil about 1” down.


ImageStep 4: Water and then place in a spot that gets natural sunlight. A windowsill would be ideal.



New for 2014, these limited-edition Heritage Collection green mason jars celebrate the 100th anniversary of the “Perfection” jar. These vintage mason jars are made in the USA and are available in two sizes in a period-inspired spring green color. Available as regular mouth pints and wide mouth quarts. Stop by Page Hardware today to pick some up or email us at if you would like to place an order!

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