Fall Lawn Care Clean-up Tips

Now that the summer heat has subsided and the leaves are beginning to fall, it’s time to start preparing your lawn for the long winter months ahead. But wait a minute isn’t fall when lawns begin to shut down? The answer is no! Fall is the beginning of much cooler temperatures and its occasional rainfall makes for the perfect time to start preparing your lawn for next spring. Here’s our expert advice:

Mowing: Do not stop mowing your lawn. Many people believe that their lawn does not need mowing because it has stopped growing. This is not true. In fact it’s the complete opposite. Your lawn thrives in the fall and it is important to continue to mow and water your lawn as needed. When fall comes to a close, be sure to cut your lawn with the lowest setting on your mower for the last two cuttings of the year. * Note: Do not trim more than 1/3 of the grass all at once. Gradually lower the deck settings on your mower until the final two mowings.

Aerate: During the fall it is very important to aerate your soil. Your lawn needs oxygen, water, and fertilizer down at the grass’s roots. In order to do this your lawn needs to be aerated. Lawn aeration helps loosen compacted soil and creates a richer environment for grass growth. There are several different tools that can be used to aerate your lawn:
aerating lawn

  • Fork
  • Hollow Tiner
    Hollow tiner
  • Scarifier
  • Spiked Boots
    spiked boots
  • Slitter

Reseed: Now it is time to repair summertime’s damage to your lawn. Fall is the perfect time of year to reseed your lawn because of cooler temperatures, which causes more dew and rain plus the sunshine your lawn will be exposed to. The cool conditions are ideal for seed germination. In fact, overseeding your lawn is actually a good thing. Newly germinated grass seedlings have a greater chance of survival in the cooler season. For small areas, like dead spots, use a hand spreader. For much larger areas we recommend you use a large broadcast spreader. Try using Jonathan Green’s Fall Magic Grass Seed. Fall Magic™ Mixture is specially formulated for successful fall seeding. This mixture is good to use on established lawns or to start new lawns. Repairs summer damage and provides an attractive, thicker, greener lawn. Use in sun and shade lawn areas. (www.jonathangreen.com)

Raking: Raking leaves isn’t a whole lot of fun, but it is very important for your lawn’s health. The leaves must be raked as soon as they begin falling. Un-raked leaves become saturated with water from rain and morning dew which causes them to bond together and form a thick layer that will suffocate your lawn and breed fungal diseases. If raking isn’t your thing you can always use a leaf blower to make it more tolerable. Be well prepared for leaf cleanup with leaf bags, large rakes, and a tarp or large trash can for disposal. Compost leaves in a discreet area of your yard, if possible, to keep organic waste out of landfills.
Water: Don’t put your hose away just yet! Maintain a regular watering schedule to make sure the seed and soil stay moist.

Fertilize: Fertilizing in the fall delivers all the nutrients your lawn needs to develop deep strong roots. After overseeding, fertilizing will give your lawn that extra boost it needs to make it through the fall. We recommend you use Jonathan Green’s Winter Survival Fall Fertilizer. This fall and winter feeding formula keeps your lawn greener later into the year. It provides a well balanced formula, ideal for winter turf protection. It contains Iron, Sulfur and slow release Nitrogen to help keep the lawn a deep green color. It’s ideal to use with a fall seeding. (www.jonathangreen.com)

Any questions? Stop by and chat with our lawn and garden expert Mark with 35 years of experience! Here at Page Hardware & Appliance Co. we offer expert advice for all your fall lawn care needs.

Don’t want to deal with the hassle? Leave it to the professionals:

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Advanced Landscaping Services LLC
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