DIY Memory Jar

Memory Jar 3examples
Starting January 1st, write down all the good things that happen to you on little pieces of paper. (Having a stock pile of scrap paper or small notebook would be helpful!) Things like surprise gifts, accomplished goals, “LOL” moments, memories worth saving, etc. For example, the day you bring that adorable new puppy home, or you’re down 20lbs and can finally fit into those jeans from college you’ve been longing to wear. Write down anything that makes your day and add them to your jar. On December 31st, open your jar and read all the wonderful things that happened to you throughout the year!


Memory Jar 1– Mason Jar (We have all different sizes and some fun colors here at Page’s!)
– Spray Adhesive
– Scissors
– Chalkboard Tape (We have Dry Erase tape here at Page’s as well)
– Label (Print below)
– Chalk

memory jar newsletter
Step 1: Print out label from above or create your own.
Step 2: Using the scissors, cut your label out.
Step 3: Spray the backside of the label with the spray adhesive and attach it to the flat side of your mason jar.
4: Using the scissors, cut a piece of the chalkboard tape to fit in the label on the mason jar. (This will allow you to change the year).
5. Using the chalk write “2015” on the label.

Optional: Decorate your jar to make it unique to you!

And that’s it! This New Year’s Eve will bring you happiness and joy when you go through all the wonderful memories throughout your year.
Memory Jar 2

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