Rubber Cement Easter Eggs

Tired of making boring old Easter Eggs? Well spice your eggs up this year! We have a secret way to make your eggs stand out from all the rest. Did you know rubber cement has many different uses other than just repairs? It is the trick behind creating these unique eggs.

White Eggs
Rubber Cement (Pick some up right here at Page’s)
Easter Egg Dye Kit
Cookie Rack
Paint Brush
1/2″ pipe cap(s) (optional Available in our plumbing aisle)
1) Follow directions on the back of the Easter Egg Kit to mix the colors.

2) Place the egg in the color you want. Do not leave the egg in for too long because you need a light base color.
3) Take the egg out of the coloring and allow it to dry completely on a cookie rack.

4) Hold the egg gently and apply the rubber cement with a paint brush in any design you like.

5) Place egg standing up so the rubber cement does not stick to anything. Placing on top of a 1/2″ pipe cap works well! Allow the cement to dry completely before handling.
6) Place the egg into a high contrast color dye this time. Let the egg sit until you’ve reached an intense color.

7) Take the egg out and let it dry completely.

8) Gently use your finger to rub the rubber cement off of the egg.

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