Deviled Egg Pasta Salad

Deviled Egg Pasta Salad

Originally found on Juanita’s Cocina

1 lb rotini pasta (elbows also work well)
2 1/2 cups of mayo
2 tbsp yellow mustard
1 tsp white vinegar
6 eggs
1/2 cup dill relish
Salt, pepper, and paprika to taste

Step 1: Cook pasta according to package instructions.

Helpful Tip: Place a wooden spoon on top of your pot to prevent the water from boiling over.

Step 2: Hard boil eggs.

Step 3: Put pasta and the hard boiled eggs in refrigerator to cool for at least an hour.

Step 4: In a mixing bowl, combine the mayo, mustard, and vinegar. Mix well.

Step 5: Peel hard boiled eggs and chop into pieces.
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Step 6: Fold pasta, eggs, and relish into the mayo mixture.
Step 7: Add salt and pepper as needed.

Step 8: Sprinkle paprika on top of the salad when served.

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