Product of the Month: Black Diamond CharWood

Charcoal Grill

Fall may be on the horizon, but summer temperatures do not seem to be going anywhere too soon. Charcoal grilling season is still very much alive. Even as we head into fall, charcoal can still be used in your fire pit to serve up some delicious s’mores. Page’s now offers a low cost-per-grilling charcoal option that is sure to please. Black Diamond CharWood is the next generation of charcoal.

Why CharWood?

Reusable: One box of CharWood can provide 24 grillings. Each time you grill with a batch of
CharWood it can be used up to 5 times! This lowers your cost-per-grilling, saving you lots of
money during the busy grilling season.  You are less likely to get stuck without charcoal for an impromptu barbecue, too.

Organic: This clean-burning charcoal contains no additives, which minimizes ash. This helps to protect people and the environment against unsafe sparks and smoke.

High Quality: CharWood does not contain limbs, slabs, bark, or re-manufactured waste which is found in most charcoals. It consists of “100% kiln-dried center-cut hardwoods which adheres to the highest level of GOST quality standards.” (

Uniform Size: CharWood pieces are uniform in size, which allows for even heat distribution and consistent temperatures.

Recyclable: Did you know that CharWood is garden friendly? When you’re done grilling, the remaining ash breaks down into Biochar. According to the International Biochar Initiative, Biochar is a soil enhancer and it also makes the soil more fertile, which provides many health benefits to your plants.  Please make sure the ash has cooled completely before recycling CharWood in your garden or yard.

Stop by for a live demo (and snack) on October 3rd at 11 am to see for yourself just how well CharWood works.

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