Product of the Month: Lignetics Wood Pellets

Although we’ve had a mild fall so far, the threat of winter is still lingering around the corner. With this comes cool days and even chillier nights. If you have a pellet stove, this means it is time to stock up on wood pellets to keep the family cozy.

Did you know Page Hardware sells wood pellets?  We stock top quality Lignetics wood pellets.

What makes Lignetics wood pellets different from the generic brands?

A great clue for determining high quality pellets is their smell.  You want pellets that smell like fresh wood. Lignetics wood pellets are made from the finest premium quality Western Conifer sawdust”. They are created from premium, all-natural, virgin sawdust shavings. No bark or agricultural products are used to create these pellets. There are no chemicals or glues used in production either. Store brand wood pellets are often made with materials such as cardboard or paper, which burn faster and leave more ash behind than sawdust shavings. Lignetics wood pellets are also produced right here in the USA.

Quality wood pellets offers a cost effective way to heat your home.  It is always tempting to invest in a pallet of inexpensive pellets, but as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.”  Look for pellets with a high efficiency rating, high BTU output, and low ash production, to get the biggest bang for your buck. 
A more efficient burn means fewer pellets burned and less ash to clean up. This not only saves you time with fewer trips to the wood pellet hopper, but also saves you money. You will need fewer bags of high quality pellets during a season than their inexpensive counterparts, which should reduce your overall pellet expense.

Lignetics are made up of 100% natural biomass material. This allows for a clean burn because fewer harmful emissions are being released into the atmosphere. The small amount of ash created (less than 1%) can be used to enrich your garden’s soil without fear of adding unknown chemicals to the dirt.  Burning these wood pellets releases the equivalent amount of carbon as decaying wood naturally releases into the environment. These wood pellets create very few emissions (1.2 grams/hour), falling well below the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements (7.5 grams/hour).
Stop by today to speak to a sales associate to learn more about Lignetics wood pellets.  Ask about bulk pricing.

Information provided by manufacturer’s website:

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