Product of the Month: Travel Humidifier

Although we’ve had a relatively warm fall, winter is just right around the corner. As the temperature begins to drop, the air in your house becomes drier. What this means for you is chapped lips, nose bleeds, and dry skin. In order to restore moisture in the air a humidifier is required. A humidifier releases water vapor into the air to increase the humidity level. This helps to alleviate all of those pains that are brought on with cold weather. We have a large selection of humidifiers here at Page’s. Sizes range from whole home humidifiers all the way down to travel humidifiers.

The holiday season means a lot of traveling and we have the perfect option to get rid of that dryness in your hotel room. The Boneco Travel Humidifier is healthy air on the go. This convenient travel humidifier only needs an outlet and water bottle to work. It comes equipped with a travel pouch, brush, bottle adapter, North American plug, and European plug.

This humidifier is not only meant for traveling. Many of our customers use the travel humidifier beside their beds at night, on their desks at work, or next to them while cuddled up on their comfy couch. With a <25 db (A) noise level, this machine is quiet enough to allow you to sleep in peace and quiet. This is also an affordable option, only costing $49.99.

The Boneco Travel Humidifier is light weight and small in size, which makes moving it a breeze. There is a variable adjustment knob on the back of the unit that allows you to control to amount of moisture entering the air. When the humidifier runs out of water, the light changes from blue to red to indicate that it is empty. This humidifier allows for instant, personal humidification. For more information about this product please visit

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