Product of the Month: Snow Joe

pom 1
Although we have had record breaking warm temperatures this December, it just proves that the weather can be unpredictable. This past Tuesday was just a tiny preview of what is to come. Winter is just beginning to make its debut in New England and when it comes to preparing for a storm, it is better to gather supplies well in advance than to be stuck when the snow and ice hit. Do you have all of those important items on your winter storm checklist?

Ice melt

Hand & toe warmers

Driveway markers
Wood pellets
Fire starters
Vehicle safety kit (blanket, flashlight, flares, phone car charger)
Lock de-icer
Windshield washer fluid

Roof rake and roof ice melt tablets
Snow shovels
Ice choppers

Yaktrax or shoe treads
Snow Joe ice scraper/snow broom (see below)

(All of these items can be purchased right here at Page’s!)

Well we have a brand new item for that checklist of yours. The Snow Joe 2-in-1 ice scraper/snow broom is something you are going to need when attacking that tedious task of removing snow from your car. It takes a while to remove snow from your car especially if you have to get to work on time.

The Snow Joe’s broom end allows for a quick and easy removal of the snow piled on your vehicle. The 18″ broom side can push wet, heavy snow off your vehicle with ease. It is made from a durable, non-abrasive foam that protects your vehicle from any unwanted scratches. It is also light weight, only weighing in at 1.2 lbs, and is easy for all drivers to maneuver. At the opposite end is a ice scraper, perfect for when you have a layer of ice under the snow on your windshield. This dual-purpose product is the perfect tool to get your vehicle cleaned off. To see this product in action please visit

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