Vornado Heaters

Cold Man
Do you bundle up inside your home because it is freezing during the bitter cold winter months? It’s understandable to try and save money when heating your home during the winter, but what if there was an energy efficient way to heat up that chilly room you are in? Well we have a solution for you. Introducing the Vornado Heater.
vornadovornado 2

The Vornado brand has been “getting better with age since 1945.” These heaters are by far not your average heater. Are you tired of your ordinary heater leaving hot and cold spots in a room? This happens because it only heats up the space around it with intense heat. Sure it may be warm right in front of the heater if you are sitting next to it, but what happens to all of that heat when you are sitting across the room? The answer is that it immediately rises straight up to your ceiling. So this means that unless you are tall and want to keep your face warm, this just will not get the job done correctly. This is where the incredible Vornado comes in to save the day. Vornado heaters are engineered to provide whole room heat circulation. They feature powerful circulators that spread the heat evenly throughout the whole room. The unique “Vortex Action” (twisting spiral pattern) continuously delivers uniform heat to create and maintain a comfortable and warm room. See how this works below.

Video provided by www.vornado.com

Vornado heaters also have the following features:
5 year warranty → Please click here for more information.
Tight grill spirals → Fingers cannot fit into the grooves.
Cool Touch Case (Exterior) → Safe to handle and move around.
Automatic shut-off → If the airflow to the unit becomes blocked, and the unit the begins to overheat, then the power to the heating element and fan will immediately shut off.
Tip over protection → The heater will automatically shut off if the unit tips over.
Whisper quiet →  You can peacefully read a book, watch TV, or have a conversation without being bothered by a loud, annoying fan noise.
Whole room vortex heat circulation →  The air temperature that is leaving the unit is up to 120°F which is warm enough to comfortably heat an entire room.

Information, images, and videos are provided by http://www.vornado.com

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