Product of the Month: The Bull Bag

Help ease some of your spring cleaning stress this year by purchasing the Bull Bag. The Bull Bag is an 8 cubic yard reusable dumpster bag with a 4,500lb capacity. Once you purchase the bag, you own it. Its patented design allows you to fill the bag up and pay for removal only to the filled height.

Reusable  → With a lifetime guarantee, you can reuse this bag over and over again without hesitation.
Lightweight → You can easily move this bag to a spot that works best for you.
Assembly → Easy set-up! See instructions on package.
Storage → Folds down to a compacted size.
Cost Effective → One time payment of $39.99 for the bag. A 4 cubic yard pick-up is $189, 6yd is $229, and 8yd is $289.
Contractor Friendly → Discounted pick-up fees available.
No Rental → You do not have to wait for a dumpster to be dropped off. Simply set up your Bull Bag and you are ready to go!
Strength → Woven polypropylene bag. Polypropylene is a commercial grade plastic that is flexible, durable, and cleanable.
Scheduling → Call to schedule an appointment to pick up your Bull Bag. Usually completed within 2 business days.
Local →  Company headquarters is located right in Killingworth, Connecticut.
Materials → Accepts anything that is non-toxic. (Cannot be bio-hazardous, environmentally hazardous, or explosive).
Time Frame →  Do not have to rush. Fill dumpster on your own time at your own pace and pay only for what you dump, not the number of days you spent filling it.
Ease of use →  Do not have to call and schedule for the bag to be delivered to you. Bag is ready to use when you’re ready.
Customer Service →  Driver will set your Bull Bag up after emptying or you can choose to have it folded back up for storage.
Guaranteed →  Lifetime guarantee. (Please contact Bull Bag directly for more information).
Ownership → It is your bag to keep.
Charges → Never an overweight charge or fuel surcharge.

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