Plant Pickets: Sticking up for your Garden

Plant pickets

What do you use to mark rows in your garden?  Empty seed packets on a stick?  Just a stick?  We found the perfect garden markers that match the quality of the garden itself.

Plant Picket’s creator is a regular gardener like you who was looking for a beautiful, reusable, sustainable way to mark his seed rows and complement his garden.  His background in furniture making gave him access to reclaimed redwood and machinery to experiment with design.

The finished product is now a patented design, handcrafted in Pittsburgh, PA, and still made from recycled wood.  Plant Pickets’ rot-resistant wood can withstand all kinds of weather and can be left in the garden year-round.  Wood will take on a natural weathered look over time.

Our favorite part of Plant Pickets are the miniature resin vegetables and herbs that look just like the real thing.  What better way to anticipate your garden’s bounty?

Plant picket in dirt


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