Pool Salt vs. Chlorine: Which is Right for You?

pool Salt water pools are becoming more popular each year.  Wondering why people are moving away from chlorine?  Here’s some information about the differences between Salt and Chlorine.

Salt water pools are less drying and irritating to the skin, hair, and eyes.  These pools do contain chlorine, however levels are much lower and the chlorine is created naturally, as opposed to being added, through the chemical electrolysis process that occurs from salt water generator.  Salt water pools also require less cleaning during the swimming season, other than skimming bugs and leaves out of the pool. The initial, upfront cost of a salt water pool is higher due to the salt water generator and electrical costs associated with running the system year-round. On the flip side, maintenance and related costs are required only once a year and involves changing filters, draining the water, inspecting the generator, and scrubbing the floor and wall surfaces.

At Page Hardware, we stock Morton Pool Salt – 40lb bags at $10.99 ea.

Chemicals associated with running a chlorine pool are more harsh on hair, skin and eyes.  Chlorine pools are generally less expensive on the onset, but do require regular injections of chemicals, becoming rather costly in the long-run.  Maintaining a pool’s pH level requires constant monitoring, water testing, regular shocking, and adding of necessary chemicals to maintain balanced levels.  Another expense spared by choosing a chlorine versus salt water pool is the electrical costs associated with running a generator year-round.

At Page Hardware, we carry a variety of Chemicals for maintaining your Chlorinated pools.



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