We Know How Cramped College Dorm Life Can Be!

Here are some tips and tricks for making the most of even the smallest space.

Tip #1 – Door-mounted shoe caddies are not just for shoes!  These come in handy for organizing just about anything and for keeping your closet clutter-free!

Dorm room ideas: Tips & tools to help you get organized

Tip #2

By raising your bed with bed risers, you will gain valuable inches for storage. Measure your space and pick up some storage containers that fit under the bed to organize items you need infrequently.    Pick these up at Page’s before you head out the door this fall!



Tip #3 – Mirrors, mirrors on the wall — will give the illusion of the biggest room of all!  mirrors

26 Dorm-Decorating (errr…Residence Hall-Decorating?) Tips

Tip #4 – Shower caddies are a convenient and easy way to tote around your essentials when sharing facilities.  It’s a convenient way to store your belongings and keeps them organized too.  We sell a variety of these to choose from at Page’s.

shower tote

Tip #5 – Make a DYI Earring Holder.  No more shuffling through a jewelry box to find a matching pair…this will keep your dangling gems organized and easy to quickly grab and put on!  All the things you need to create this DYI project can be found at Page’s too!

earring holder


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