Lawn Growing Tips

lawn.jpgLooking for advice for this grass-growing season?  Mark knows his stuff and he’s available to answer all your seeding questions.  Here’s what he recommends…

The best time to grow grass is from the beginning of September through mid-October.  The soil is warm, but daytime temperatures are moderate, making watering less of a problem than in the spring.  Weeds won’t grow in the fall either, giving your grass seed the best chance of success.  Cool nights and warm days make for moist ground, optimal conditions for growing new grass.

Rake the ground and remove any debris (stone, sticks, weeds) that might be covering the area where you want to plant.  Aerate the soil and sow seeds.  Apply a starter fertilizer when you sow the seeds, and then add more fertilizer three to four weeks later.  Covering the area with straw will prevent seed wash-away.  Water the area until the dirt is saturated to a depth of one inch, every 3-4 days for best results.

There are several varieties of grass seeds to choose from. Choose the best options that suit your needs — shady, sun-loving, drought-resistant, etc.  We carry several brands, including Johnathan Green, Green Thumb, and Scott’s.  Our best seller is Johnathan Green’s Black Beauty.  It is a tall fescue seed that fits the needs of most lawns, being drought-resistant and good in both sun or shade.  We also carry several organic fertilizing options.  Johnathan Green’s Love Your Lawn, Love Your Soil is a top choice organic fertilizer and MAG-I-CAL is a calcium nutrient lime supplement that is also highly recommended. We carry everything you’ll need to prep and maintain your lawn — fertilizers, rakes, spreaders, straw, sprinklers, garden hoses…we carry it all!

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