When was the last time you changed your refrigerator filter?


Is your filter light on again?  Do you wonder whether the light really means you need a new filter?  It is recommended that all refrigerator filters be changed every six to twelve months.  Similar to recommended oil change times in your car, the need to change your water filter can vary depending on usage and water quality.  Is your ice machine making small ice cubes?  Is the water pressure slow from the dispenser?  If so, it is probably time to change the filter in your refrigerator.

To remove most filters, you simply twist left to loosen, and pull straight out. You do not have to shut off the water to remove the old filter.  The old filter will contain some water, so a little wetness during the removal process is normal.  To install the new filter, line it up with the opening, insert and twist right to tighten.  If the filter is not installed correctly, your water and ice dispenser will stop working.

A common misconception is that when your ice gets that stinky smell or taste it is time to change the filter.  The reason for stinky ice is that odors from food in your refrigerator are being absorbed by the water when ice is being made.  Try cleaning out your refrigerator to help improve the taste of your ice.  Some refrigerator models also have charcoal air filters that trap gasses from when produce is breaking down.  Changing the air filter, if applicable, may also improve the taste of your ice.

It is a good idea to bring your old filter in when purchasing a new one. The reason being, most manufacturers frequently change the model numbers on their filters, so it may be impossible to find the correct one with the model alone.  When you bring in your old filter, a salesperson can help you match up the size, shape, and connection to be sure you go home with the right filter in hand.


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