Made in New England

New at Page Hardware and Appliance Co. is our “Made in New England”section.   There are great gift ideas on these shelves!  Selection ranges from bells, tea towels, and cutting boards, to  Fire Cider, Buzzle Balm, Hot Honey, and Best Bee Savvy!  Theses products are unique gift ideas.  More, new products are expected before the holiday season.


Best Bee Savvy  ck3_9078
This tiny jar packs a powerful punch.  Made with organic coconut oil and beeswax, certified lemongrass, grapefruit, and ylang ylang essential oils, Best Bee Savvy is filled with healing properties straight from nature.  One of our customers found that it helped her eczema more than any product she has tried over the years.  Moisturizing, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties promote healthy skin and help to heal minor skin abrasions. Come try some from our tester jar.

Bevin Bells      ck3_9083
East Hamption, Connecticut, has a rich history of bell manufacturing.  More than thirty bell manufacturers set up shop in the small town during the 1800’s and 1900’s.  Now in its sixth generation of family ownership, Bevin Bros. Manufacturing is the only remaining bell manufacturer carrying on the tradition.  After a devastating fire in 2012, Bevin Bells rebuilt its facility and continues to produce bells worthy of the company’s 184-year-old history.

Buzzle Balm   ck3_9080
These colorful, all-natural lip balms come in over a dozen flavors that sound good enough to eat.  In fact, the company was born after creator, Chad Minervini, saw his young daughter licking a chemical-filled lip balm because she liked the taste.  Chad and his daughter began experimenting with natural recipes, using ingredients like beeswax, mango butter, coconut oil and Stevia leaf extract.  Soon Buzzle Balm became so successful that Chad left his teaching job of 16 years in Madison, CT, to pursue Buzzle Balm lip and body balms full-time.

Cogworks Cutting Boards
True to its name, Cogworks’ roots lie in creating wooden cog puzzles.  The precision and quality materials required for cogs translate easily into the company’s wooden cutting boards.  The boards’ custom engraving (we carry maple leaf and Guilford, CT designs) makes them almost too beautiful to use.

Dirty Dick’s Hot Sauce
Is it possible that the best hot sauce in the country comes from neighboring Massachusetts?  Chile Pepper Magazine, the NYC Hot Sauce Expo, and the Golden Chile Awards all named Dirty Dick’s #1 in the fruit-based hot sauce category.  If you like it hot, grab a bottle and be your own judge.

Fire Cider   ck3_8160
We can hardly keep Fire Cider in stock!  The day our first shipment arrived, a bunch of our employees had an early fall cold.  They decided to take a sample shot of Fire Cider that morning.  Some felt immediate relief, others found that their cold symptoms dissipated enough to continue Fire Cider as a daily regiment, and all began raving about the product to our customers.  This past weekend, we sold out of Fire Cider after an associate found that Fire Cider offered her the only relief for her chronic inflammation-related pain that she has felt in years.  Luckily, being a Massachusetts business, we received our next shipment within a day.  We also carry Fire Cider shot glasses, with markings that allow you to measure from a “daily dose” to “repel wolves.”

J.K. Adams   ck3_9084
Page Hardware has been carrying this Vermont company’s products for decades.  North American wood is used to create a variety of cutting boards, serving trays, and rolling pins.  J.K. Adams also makes slate servers.  Their products have stood the test of time with our customers, and are a quality addition to any kitchen.

Did you think weaving by hand was a lost art?  Leanne Tremblay uses American cotton to weave beauty and function for your home.  These towels are soft, made to last, and designed to complement your decor for years to come.

Maudie’s Super Squash Scraper
This little tool makes quick work of cleaning out seeds and pulp from pumpkins, butternut squash, acorn squash, and gourds.  The wooden handle is easy to grip in the slime of squash, and fits anywhere your hand can fit.  We love Maudie’s tag line, “It’s odd, it works, it’s fun.”

Mike’s Hot Honey  ck3_9082
We are stretching the Made in New England theme to include this New York company because the Mike behind this product grew up in a tiny town in Western Massachusetts.   After tasting chili-infused honey in Brazil back in 2003, Mike began making small batches of infused honey for family and friends.  Less than ten years later, Mike’s Hot Honey grew to be bottled for the general public.  Now anyone can enjoy a bit of sweet spice in tea, on pizza, ribs, biscuits, ice cream, and much more.

New England Bells   ck3_8146
Bells have traditionally been an important safety measure for farmers guarding their livestock.  Now, with more bear sightings in town than ever before, bells are a popular choice for people and pets.  New England Bells makes a safety bell with a convenient clip and a pleasant ring.  They also make strap bells that are great as door bells or for training your dog to tell you when nature calls.  All New England Bells are beautifully crafted with a “Fleur” pattern.


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