FireDisc Grill


The FireDisc® Carbon Steel Grill was designed for people to grill anywhere, any time.  From tailgating to camping to the back patio, this innovative grill is portable and versatile enough to complement any adventure.

In 2010, two brothers designed the first FireDisc grill from a tractor plow disc and their passion to out-cook, out-perform, and outlast all other gas grills on the market.  The FireDisc consists of three pieces (the cooking surface and two base pieces) that assemble without tools or struggle.  When apart, the pieces lie flat for easy storage in any vehicle or home.

Unlike traditional grills, the FireDisc has a cooking surface like a frying pan or a wok – no grates for food to fall through.  This means you can stir fry, scramble eggs, boil, steam, saute, and even deep fry.  According to FireDisc, the patent-pending surface technology, tested by experienced chefs, outdoorspeople, and barbequers, “improve in taste and quality each time you [fire] up your grill.”

The center heat source, a 1-pound or 20-pound propane tank (20-LB adapter not included) produces three rings of temperature, high in the center, low on the outside, and medium in the middle.  Cleanup is accomplished with a garden hose, then wiping the cooking surface with oil after drying.  Soap is not recommended.

Accessories are available for the FireDisc, including a shovel/scoop/spatula that is perfectly curved to match the grill’s cooking surface.  Covers, a bamboo cutting board, regulators, and tie-down cable lock are also available.

Shovel - Spatula - ScoopBamboo Cutting Board with Knife SharpenerCover / Jacket / Sheath for FireDisc 36" - Fireman Red

What are you waiting for?  Come see the FireDisc for yourself at Page Hardware & Appliance Co.

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