Mason jar salad to go with special Fire Cider dressing recipe

mason jar salad.jpg

Did your grandmother ever tell you to drink raw apple cider vinegar? It’s good advice, and more common than you may think.  Fire Cider has taken this one step further and has added several other natural ingredients known for their healing properties.  From the common cold to inflammation, New Englanders have been using this as part of their morning ritual for years.  We found that it is a great additive to your favorite salad dressing.  Eat healthy and feel healthy!

Here is your recipe for a healthy salad to go:

Prepare your favorite salad dressing and add 1 tablespoon of Fire Cider per serving.

Pour your dressing into the bottom of a mason jar.

Add layers of your favorite vegetables, ending with your lettuce at the top. This keeps the dressing away from the lettuce, so your lettuce will not be soggy by lunch time.

At lunch time, simply pour the contents of the mason jar into a bowl and toss!

Please leave us a comment if you experience the beneficial properties of Fire Cider firsthand.

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