Light My Fire!


Are you looking for an easy way to light your fireplace?  We have many solutions.  Fat Wood is a favorite for many people.  Just light the Fat Wood and it will burn slowly and eventually ignite your logs.  We have many products to aid you including cedar kindling from the Vyborny’s in North Guilford.


Put your fire starters at the bottom of your fireplace.  You can also add 4-5 crumpled up newspapers.  Place some smaller logs on top of these, but leave areas for the fire breathe.  Light the fire starters and soon the smaller logs will catch on fire.  Once you have a good roaring blaze you can now add on your larger logs.

Before you start your first fire it is a good idea to have your chimney cleaned and swept.  You should also check your chimney for any blockages. Please also make sure your damper is open or you will quickly have a smokey house!



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