Family Weekend Painting Party

by Cristina Parent

38198636 - 8 years old girl painting the wall at home

The holidays are upon us and my mailbox is crammed with catalogs promising the best gifts for the whole family. I love to see smiling faces from little ones during the holidays, but I’m getting a little short on storage space for more gifts. If another stuffed animal gets in my house, I’m going to have to start charging it rent.

Last year I started a new family tradition. One gift the kids will receive is going to be an experience. Spending time with family has become the ultimate luxury in our house. When you take into account that the average family spends less than an hour together a day, you know that this time has become very valuable.

I want to share with you a great family activity that we did last year. We set aside one weekend and planned a family painting party. I gave my children the opportunity to choose paint color for their bedrooms. A child’s bedroom is their entire world on most days. It’s where they retreat with friends, recharge, daydream, and it’s a cozy place to lay down after a long day.

Last month, Dreamworks released the delightful movie, Trolls. The Trolls enter a colorful and wondrous world set out to find their true colors. True Value paint has teamed up with Dreamworks to create an exclusive Troll paint line of colors, dedicated to help you find your true colors!


I can’t think of a more exciting way to introduce color to a child’s room than this palette. There are 24 playful colors to choose from, with coordinating palettes. Afraid your child might choose something you don’t like? Then set some simple parameters around the choices. Perhaps the bold pink might best be suited as an accent color, while a softer hue takes center stage. It’s a great way to work together to find the best plan for everyone.

This project not only gives your child a colorful bedroom, it gives you time as a family to dream, plan and execute a fun and memorable design project.

Come down to Page Hardware and check out the entire Find Your True Colors paint line. Grab some paint samples, a paint brush and wrap it up in holiday gift wrap for the ultimate gift of family time together.

Happy painting!

About the blogger 
Cristina Parent is passionate about color.  She earned a BFA in Interior Design from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology.  She started her own design company, Atelier Interior Design, in 2005, and has worked in the interior design industry for almost 20 years.  Cristina lives in Guilford, CT, with her husband and two children.

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