Chemical-Free Cleaning with E-Cloths


E-Cloths are designed to be used with just water, eliminating the effects of harmful chemicals on your family.  More than your average microfiber, E-Cloth fibers are over  1,000 times finer than cotton.  The power of nearly 5-million fibers in each cloth do the work of lifting and locking away dirt.  After wiping away every last particle of dust and grime, there is nowhere for bacteria to grow, leaving your surface sanitized without using a single chemical.  E-Cloths can absorb up to seven times their weight in water.

The E-Cloth family includes products to clean your kitchen, bathroom, and windows, dust & mop your home, and even ones that scrub clean tough surfaces.  Clothes are sold in several colors, for people who want to reserve different cloths for different areas of the house.  We are going to highlight three different products available.




The Non-Scratch Scouring Cloth is a double-sided cloth with one side for scrubbing and the other side for wiping.  Simply wet the cloth, wring out and wipe the surface to be cleaned.  Use the scrubby side for stuck-on messes.  The scrubby side can even be used to clean the outside of vegetables!





The Glass & Polishing Cloth is truly amazing!  All you have to do is wet the window or mirror that you want clean with a damp cloth or spray and then wipe the damp area with the Glass & Polishing Cloth.  It’s that simple!  No streaks, no fog, no residue.





The Dusting Cloths have a natural static charge that attracts dust and allergens, and locks them into the fibers of the cloth.  When dusting, use the cloth dry  and it will remove dust and allergens better than a regular duster.   Own a dog?  Keep one in your car to clean dog hair from your dashboard.



Do we have you excited about E-Cloth yet?  If so, pick up a sampler pack with eight different cloths, to try them all. And the best thing about E-Cloths?  When they get dirty you can throw them in the washing machine to be re-used over and over again!  E-Cloths are guaranteed for 300 washing, which translates to 6 years of once-a-week washing.



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