The Personality of Color

By Cristina ParentClouds of bright colorful ink mixing in water

Choosing a color palette can be intimidating for beginners. Color has the power to not only effect mood, but to visually impact the scale and dimension of a room. Conventional wisdom will tell you that light colors should be used in small rooms and dark colors only in large rooms. While this is a fine rule to follow, it’s restrictive and can prevent you from creating an interesting space by accenting a small room with a dramatic and moody color. Imagine a small powder room with dark wall paint and interesting lighting. That combination can make quite a statement.

The trick is to be able to use color trends for inspiration, while staying true to your personality and the historical appeal of your home.

While everyone has one’s own personal take on color, choosing the right shade for your home means more than just picking your favorite color. It’s important to have a plan about how the adjoining rooms will coordinate and work together.

Color has a powerful influence on the human psychology. Each room in your home serves a different purpose. The paint color chosen in correlation with the room’s use, will make a huge impact on how you feel in that space.

Colors that quiet the mind, like blue, green, and gray, make appropriate colors for a living room, family room or bedroom. Certain shades of blue are conducive to creativity and would be a fine choice for an office. Colors that stimulate appetite and conversation include shades of red and orange. Yellow has an uplifting appeal and can be used effectively in kitchens, foyers and common rooms. If you’ve seen a paint color palette, you know how many variations exist for each color mentioned above. Making the right choice can be a daunting task, not to mention an expensive one, if you’ve picked one that didn’t accentuate your home the way you thought it would.

A professional color consultant can take away the guess work and help you determine the perfect palette that not only works well for your home, but is a true reflection of you and your family.

close up of couple with blueprint and palettes

Page Hardware is happy to announce an exciting new program, Perfect Palette Consultations.  A color consultant will come to your home, get to know your likes and preferences, and help you choose paint colors that work in harmony with your furnishings, interior architecture and the way you live.

The consultation cost is $100 and you will receive a one-hour, in-home consultation with an interior designer, a custom color palette and two free samples of paint to try out the color in your home.

Call Page Hardware to schedule an appointment today.  We look forward to helping you create a home you love to live in.

About the blogger 
Cristina Parent is passionate about color.  She earned a BFA in Interior Design from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology.  She started her own design company, Atelier Interior Design, in 2005, and has worked in the interior design industry for almost 20 years.  Cristina lives in Guilford, CT, with her husband and two children.

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