How to care for a hardwood floor

Hardwood floors are very popular, but they do require a lot of maintenance to keep up their nice look.  Unlike carpeting which can hide some of the daily dust and other particles, hardwood floors show it all.  51999722 - feet against wooden flooring

microfiber-floor-mop-2b-duster-wm710013432A good daily practice would be to use a microfiber mop.  The static electricity from a Microfiber cleaning pad will trap dirt, particles, and other household allergens.  Try to avoid lifting your microfiber mop up off the floor when you clean—this way you keep the dirt trapped on the pad and you will not scratch your floor.  A broom can also be used but it will only push the dirt particles around, instead of picking them up off the floor.

Once a week it is a good idea to vacuum the floor and also wash it. Vacuuming will help remove particles caught between the floor boards. twotwentyfour

We recommend polishing your floor every few months, especially in the winter months.  Salt, ice melt, and sand that gets tracked in on snowy boots can damage hardwood finishes.  Polishing will help restore the shine and offer some protection against this wear and tear.  Dull floors are often a sign of dry wood, which is more susceptible to water damage than a freshly sealed floor.  Bona’s hardwood floor refresher is a great way to hide scuff marks and bring back your floor’s shine without the hassle and expense of fully refinishing your floors.

Another way to protect your floors may include mats or rugs in high traffic areas.  It is also important to avoid using water and vinegar, soap-based cleaners, wax or steam cleaners on your hardwood floors.  Vinegar and water will dull the floor’s finish over time, while soap and wax  will leave a residue. Steam cleaners will put heat and excessive water on your floor, which can actually damage your floor and even warp it.  Use caution with wet mops, using only a light mist of floor cleaner.

Our customers’most popular choice for hardwood floor cleaning is the Bona product line.  Bona products are safe for floors, families, and the environment.  Bona microfiber pads are machine-washable, and refills are available for wet mops and spray bottles.  Along with an extensive hardwood floor cleaning line, Bona is also available in stone, tile & laminate formulations too.  From spray mops to microfiber pads, you will find the solution to your cleaning needs.


Click here for Bona’s floor care maintenance brochure.


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