A Guide to White Paint Color

One of the biggest, current color trends is white. It is a fresh departure from the moody tones of years before. White can breathe fresh life into a room and create a calm, serene space.


The trick to choosing the right white paint for your home is figuring out the undertones in the color. Generally, cooler whites tend to read pure white in artificial light, whereas warmer tones appear cream.

First, consider what colors you already have in your home, or if you’re starting fresh, the colors to which you are drawn. If you like cool blues and greens, that’s the undertone you should start with. If you prefer red or gold, you might go in the direction of a warmer palette.

True Value has done a fantastic job capturing all the nuances of white tones. There are dozens to choose from, and the more you look at them, the more interesting they become.

I have chosen some True Value white colors to narrow down your search for the right white paint color.

Egg White: a pure white, great for trim work

Bearskin Rug: a sophisticated and modern neutral

Apple Blossom: a sweet warm vanilla shade

Create: the color of filtered sunlight

Porch Swing: fresh and crisp green based white

Arctic Ocean: cool white with lavender undertones

Spacious Skies: fresh and beachy blue green

These are just a sampling of the options available by True Value. Come to Page’s to see the entire line and get inspired. If you need help matching the right color to your home, remember that Page’s Perfect Palette color consultation is only a phone call away!


Happy painting!

Page Hardware is happy to announce an exciting new program, Perfect Palette Consultations.  A color consultant will come to your home, get to know your likes and preferences, and help you choose paint colors that work in harmony with your furnishings, interior architecture and the way you live.

The consultation cost is $100 and you will receive a one-hour, in-home consultation with an interior designer, a custom color palette and two free samples of paint to try out the color in your home.

Call Page Hardware to schedule an appointment today.  We look forward to helping you create a home you love to live in.

About the blogger

Cristina Parent is passionate about color.  She earned a BFA in Interior Design from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology.  She started her own design company, Atelier Interior Design, in 2005, and has worked in the interior design industry for almost 20 years.  Cristina lives in Guilford, CT, with her husband and two children.


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