Color of the Week

Quite a few fun things are happening with our paint department. If you have been to our store lately you may have noticed some changes.  Our paint department is now in the front of the store where our seasonal department used to be.  The natural lighting is more optimal for paint selection and the space is more optimal for our paint department.


We are also excited with how well our paint consultation service, Perfect Palette Paint Consultations, is going.  Cristina has been busy meeting with new clients and helping them give their rooms a fresh new look.  One fun thing she has added to our facebook page is the “color of the week.” Here is one example of her posts:


What better color than pink to warm the heart on this cold day?

This week I bring you Heart’s Desire A243, a blue based pink that is gentle and calming. Heart’s Desire is a soft pastel that welcomes grays and textures. Share this color with your Valentine

We will have many more exciting updates to our paint department coming soon!


Follow Perfect Palette Paint Consultations on facebook to keep up with Cristina’s posts.



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