What does bowling have to do with Town Greens?

What does bowling have to do with Town Greens?  In the late-1800’s, during the height of the industrial revolution, the only recreation available to people was bowling on the Town Green.  While most people saw this as a way to relax during downtime, Jonathan Green saw a different kind of green – opportunity.  He started experimenting with different types of grasses in an attempt to improve the quality of bowling green turf.  His new grass seed mixture ended up being planted on town Greens all over Northern England.

In the early 1900’s, Jonathan’s sons set sail for the United States, bringing their grass-growing techniques with them.  Five generations later, the family is still committed to providing superior lawn and garden products to other independent family businesses.

In recent times, the company has added an organic line which is eco-friendly and safe for pets.

Jonathan Green has made it easy to have a beautiful lawn with their 4-step program.

In the words of Jonathan Green, “There is nothing lovelier on this planet than a flower, nor more essential than a plant.  Without green plants, we would neither breathe, nor eat, nor know true beauty.”  His family’s continued commitment to healthy, green lawns brings that beauty to more than just Town Greens.  Try the 4-step program on your lawn and see the difference.

Read the full Jonathan Green story here.

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