Are all paints created equal?

Page Hardware is proud to introduce its newest paint line, Coronado by Benjamin Moore, now available in our store.  We stock Coronado Grand Interior and Cryli Cote Exterior Paint, as well as Insl-X Primers.  Benjamin Moore acquired Coronado, a well-known Florida-based paint manufacturer, in 2006.

Coronado Grand Paint was developed exclusively for True Value hardware stores.  Benjamin Moore takes pride in treating all of its paint lines equally.  The company’s scientists and technicians put products through 191 stages, from conception to production and testing, before paint is made available in stores.  This means that Coronado is as rigorously tested as the rest of the Benjamin Moore family of paints.

Benjamin Moore has a unique and rigorous process to quality test their products.  They actually have their own “test farm” where they monitor paint exposed to different weather conditions.  Paints are tested in all kinds of real world situations, and only those that hold their color, sheen and ability to protect the painted surface make it to their product lineup.


Coronado is a premium paint that has a high solid content, giving it a superior hide, the ability to conceal the surface underneath the paint.  Benjamin Moore makes its own resins, so the company can control the performance of all paint ingredients that go into its paint production.

Our paint department tested Coronado Grand paint in our store and found that, “it feels really nice to brush, and it flows smoothly.  [Benjamin Moore] makes everything that goes into Coronado so the quality is out of this world.  It’s all that and a bag of chips,” says our paint department manager, John Anderson.

All of the colors in our color center can be mixed in Coronado Paint.  Coronado’s price makes it easy to bring Benjamin Moore’s quality into your home at an unbelievable value.  Come in and try Coronado for your next painting project!


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