The great burger debate – What is the best way to cook a burger?

Summer is coming and along with that comes hamburger season.  Grilling a good burger is easy, but grilling a great burger takes a little knowledge.

The first step is in choosing the meat.  Forgo the lean ground beef and select some with a little fat in it.  Fat is flavor, plus it’s a little cheaper than lean, so you have no excuse! Freshly ground beef is best, if available.


Don’t flatten the burger patty too much when forming it.  A loosely packed burger is juicier, while a hard-packed burger will dry out more quickly.


Press your thumb into the center of the formed burger to make an indent.  When you cook the burger, it will naturally bloat in the middle.  By indenting it a little, you will end up with a perfectly flat burger.


Add a little salt and pepper to the top and you are good to go.

During the grilling process, you will see the juices moving to the top of the meat. This is because the juices like to move away from the heat source.  For this reason, it is important to only flip your burger once.  Never, ever, ever, squish the burger with a spatula.  If you do, you are just wringing out whatever juices are left over, making the hamburger dry.


There is debate about whether or not you should close the lid of the gas grill when cooking burgers.  So which technique is correct?  We tried both.

The burger that we cooked with the grill lid closed took about 9 minutes to cook.  The burger tasted pretty good, and wasn’t dry.


We cooked the second burger with the lid open.  It took 16 minutes to fully cook and wow!! This was the juiciest burger we have ever tasted!


We definitely recommend cooking burgers with the gas grill top open from now on! What a difference!

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