Page’s puts the P in Pinterest!

Spray paint comes in many fun colors and styles.




If you are a Pinterest fan, you have surely heard of Chalked Paint.  Did you know we now have Chalked Spray Paint?

Here are a couple fun projects we did with Chalked Spray Paint.


sea glass

The avid sea glass hunter on our staff was very excited to see this – Sea Glass Spray Paint.

Supplies are limited on this so stop by for some soon.

Here is a picture of some vases we spray painted with Sea Foam, Aqua, and Cornflower Sea Glass spray paints. These would look great in any seaside-inspired home.





Metallic Spray Paint is a fun way to make a plain glass vase into something rich and modern.  Here’s something we made with a Silver Mirrored Effect spray paint.











Our Ultra Coat 2X is a paint and primer in one!  Look at what one of our store associates made out of an old crib mattress spring!

crib color

Stop by to see what else we have – from glitter to fluorescent!  We have everything you need for your fun Pinterest projects!

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