How to rid your house of mice


They may have cute little pink ears, but no one wants these little critters invading their homes.

The first step in ridding your home of these unwanted guests is to find out where they are coming in.  Otherwise, you will be fighting an endless battle.  Plug all of those holes completely.  A mouse can slip in through the tiniest of holes.  Here are some useful tools to block the holes:

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 11.21.04 AMSteel Wool is very effective in plugging holes, as mice will not eat through it.

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 11.22.31 AM

Pestblock foam sealant can be sprayed into the tiniest of crevices and is waterproof and pest proof.

Once you have secured your perimeter, you will need to catch and remove any pests within your home.  Mice reproduce all year round and can have up to ten litters of mice a year, so it is very important to relocate or eliminate any colonies.  We carry a wide variety of traditional traps, glue traps, snap traps, bait stations, and live catch options to help you carry out the dirty deed.

After plugging holes and exorcising current rodent residents, you may also want to use Mouse Magic as added insurance.  This will naturally drive mice away from your home. It is also great to put into cars, sheds, or other equipment where mice like to nest and chew.  Mouse Magic smells better than moth balls, a traditional rodent repellent, and it is all natural and safe to be used around pets and children.


If all else fails, visit your local animal shelter and adopt a new feline friend who will assist you with your rodent battle.

91426950 - beautiful cat fun and cleverly plays with the captured mouse

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