The Official Page Hardware Picnic Checklist

It’s time to unplug, grab your picnic basket, a book and blanket, and head out for a relaxing summer day.  Guilford and area towns have so many great spots for a good old-fashioned summer picnic.

Chaffinch Island in Guilford boasts not only Long Island Sound views, but also great areas overlooking the salt marsh, shade, grills, and picnic tables.  Parking is free and you can even launch a kayak, if you so feel inclined.  Chittenden park is another great place with it’s picturesque views, boardwalk and benches.  You might even pick up some sea glass while you are out there.

Another fun picnic spot is Grass Island.  After a scenic kayak paddle down the curvy East River, stop on the way back and enjoy a fun picnic at the Shack on Grass Island.  You can also arrive there by car, but it’s a fairly long walk.  Park in the boat launch area, then walk back up the road and through the neighborhood.  Don’t try heading through the marsh.  There are several little rivers running through the marsh that make it impossible to cross.

Packing for a picnic is personal.  Everybody does picnics a little bit differently, from simple to elaborate.  We have some fun items at Page’s that you might not know that we sell!

You can’t go wrong with a classic picnic basket!


Take your slow cooking meals on the road in our portable crockpot. Cook at home, unplug and carry with it’s convenient handle.


Personalized corn hole is the perfect way to liven up your next picnic!  You can customize to any theme – from weddings to your company logo.

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 10.39.21 AM

Pretty up your picnic with some fancy paper goods.


This bug repellent is all natural – no harsh chemicals!


Bake and Go Dish – Cook your hot dish at home and bring it with you in this insulated carrier!


Sweat-proof ice packs! In pretty colors too!


Plastic and stainless steel glassware and bowls, guac-lock (to keep your guacamole fresh), and reusable bee’s wrap (instead of plastic wrap) for a sustainable picnic.


Did you know we sell paper goods?  Sometimes you need to go disposable instead.  We have you covered either way.


Assorted thermos’ and pitchers to carry your hot and cold edibles with you, or brew iced tea on the go.


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