The key to safely removing ticks

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The “key” to safely removing ticks is to use a Tick Key.  The Tick Key will ensure that you have removed the tick completely, head and all. Here are step-by-step instructions for using the Tick Key:

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Tick Keys are durable and can be attached to your car keys so you always have one readily available.

This is the safest and easiest way to remove ticks from people and pets.  Here is what not to do:

Never, ever, ever… soak anything on a cotton ball and put it on the tick.  This is a method floating around the internet and it is very dangerous.  Ticks contain pathogens, like Lyme Disease, and when you smother it with a substance, it will regurgitate the contents of its stomach into the host, ie. you!

Don’t use tweezers or try to pull the tick out with your fingers.  This will tear the mouth parts from the body and could leave the mouth still embedded in the host.

Don’t ever squeeze a tick.  This could cause the infected body fluids to go right into the host. 


So don’t forget, every time that you go hiking in the woods or even just relaxing in your backyard, check yourself, kids and pets regularly for ticks.  It is imperative to get them off as soon as possible.

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