The Key to…

Did you know that Page’s sells, cuts and can also digitally code keys for your car or home?   If you travel back to our customer service desk, you will find our key kiosk filled with many different kinds of blank keys.  It look confusing, but don’t worry.  Our key technicians will locate the correct key for you and have it coded or cut while you wait.

House keys, known in hardware lingo as single-sided keys, are a rather simple task for them.  There are a variety of different keys and they are all sorted by manufacturer.  We look at the head shape of the key to figure out what key to use, and then match the key blade to your key.  If we fail to locate it by the key head, we then look at the key blade, which also has unique characteristics.

The slot pattern on a key blade determines which locks it will fit into.  The notches cut by the machine determine which pins inside the lock are pushed when the key is turned.  This is why you may be able to slide multiple keys into the same lock, but only one will unlock the door.

The key you wish to cut and the new key blank are fastened to specific sides of the machine.  The original key can be left on its keychain during duplication.  The key blank will be placed on the side with the cutting tool, and the original key will go on the side of the alignment tool.  The technician guides the alignment tool over the original key, and the cutting tool follows the same pattern, cutting duplicate notches in the key blank.

Car keys are a bit tricker.  For one, most are double-sided, which means notches need to be cut on two sides of the blade.  Many new car keys have a computer chip inside, so the first thing we do is to test the key with our key chip reader.  We simply insert the key into this machine and it will tell us if it has a chip or not.


If it doesn’t, then we find the correct key that corresponds with your car manufacturer and cut the blank.  If it does have an RFID chip inside, then we need to copy the information from the chip onto a blank chip using a different machine, as well as cutting a duplicate blade.

At this time, Page’s cannot copy key fobs or remote controls.  You will need to take that back to the dealership or mechanic for assistance.

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