Staff Pick of the Month – Ron Robinson

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I feel Sub-Zero is the highest-quality refrigerator we sell, for many reasons.  You will find a big difference in the flavor and freshness of your food with Sub-Zero.  Two independent compressors for your refrigerator and freezer prevent cross contamination of odors between the moist air of the refrigerator and the dry air of the freezer in their sealed compartments.  The magnetic seal around each door, with extra insulation to hold in cold air, not only preserves your food for 20% longer than most refrigerators, but also saves on your food and electric bills.

Manufactured in the U.S. with the highest quality standards, Sub-Zero intends that every refrigerator that leaves its plant has a longevity of 20-plus years, over 50% longer than the average refrigerator.  Each unit is factory tested for 24 hours for your assurance.

Sub-zeros are also designed with aesthetics in mind.  Models available with stainless steel fronts, flush mounting, and custom panel options make it possible for a Sub-Zero refrigerator to blend in with any kitchen decor.

Ron Robinson

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