Get the most out of your Dishwasher

Nobody likes loading the dishwasher, but it is a lot easier than hand-washing every single dish.  Although, it may look like an easy tool to use, there are a few steps that will help ensure that you get the best results out of your dishwasher.

A popular myth in dishwasher loading is that dishes need to be pre-rinsed.  This may have been true years ago, but dishwasher technology has advanced to more beyond pre-rinsing.  In fact, some dishwashers have sensors that detect the amount of food particles in the dirty water and adjusts its wash level accordingly.  This means that the food that remained after pre-rinsing may not be cleaned off, giving the impression that more rinsing is needed, and creating a vicious cycle.  Dishwasher detergent also needs food particles to stick to in order to do its job.  Without the dirt, soap can etch your dishes, leaving glasses looking cloudy.  If you find that your dishes are not coming clean without a pre-rinse, it may indicate that the filter needs cleaning, or that there is a problem with your water pressure or temperature.

Avoid stacking the dishes.  The dishes on the top of the stack won’t be cleaned because the water spray will be blocked.  When loading your dishwasher, it is important that you face the dirty side of the dish towards the water spray.  The water spray comes from the bottom on most dishwashers, so angle your dishes downwards for the best cleaning results.

Another important tip is when loading large pans or dishes, place them on the sides of the bottom row.  This way they will be out of the way and won’t block any of the other dishes from getting cleaned. If possible, place the utensil bin in the middle of your dishwasher so you can have both sides of your dishwasher for large pans and dishes.

The top level of your dishwasher is for cups.  Face your cups downwards for the best clean.  Also, separate the fragile glassware from the more durable cups.  For example, avoid placing coffee mugs next to wine glasses and make sure the wine glasses aren’t hitting each other.

Getting the most out of your Dishwasher

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