Stay cool this summer

Popsicle’s are, without a doubt, one of the best snacks to have on a hot summer day.  Did you know that one of the most popular snacks of the summer was invented by accident?  An 11 year old named Frank Epperson had just finished mixing his soda when he was distracted and forgot about the drink.  Temperatures were cold enough outside that when Frank discovered his drink the next morning, it was frozen.  The stick used to mix the soda served as a great handle.  That is how, what we all know as the Popsicle, was invented. History of Popsicle’s

Popsicle’s are such an easy concept, that making them at home is easy!  But, you’ll need the right tools.  Page Hardware & Appliance Co. offers various Popsicle kits that you and your kids will love, from plain, normal molds to molds that will make your Popsicle look like a space ship when it is done freezing.

Another summer essential is ice cubes.  Making ice cubes is easy and all you need is an ice tray.  Like Popsicle’s, there is an interesting story to how the first ice tray was invented.  In 1844, John Gorrie, an American physician, built a refrigerator to make ice that cooled the air for his patients who had yellow fever.  He is credited with inventing the first ice tray.  Many years later and the ice tray is a huge part of everyone’s life. . History of Ice Cube’s

Ice trays have also progressed like Popsicle’s to where you can get plain, simple cube trays or you can get ice trays that make your ice in the shape of a penguin, a unicorn, or a cannonball.  Page Hardware & Appliance Co. offers a wide variety of different ice trays that would be perfect for any family.

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