Keep Your Outdoor Area Organized


Having a home with a nice outdoor area is a must, but at times it can be difficult to keep all of your outdoor gear organized.  Whether it be your kids’ toys or your own gardening supplies, clutter can build up fast.  Below are a few simple ways that will help clear up any yard and make room for entertaining, relaxing, and play.

Nothing clutters up a yard like that of a big hose lying around.  Finding a good place to store your hose can be a hassle but, listed below are some options available for storing your hose.

  1. One simple way is to store your hose in a galvanized tub.  These tubs match with the outdoor setting and will hold up for a very long time.  You can drill holes in the bottom of the tub for drainage.


2. Hose hangers make practical storage units for short lengths of hose.  Never hang your hose from a nail or single bracket.  Gravity will pull on the hose, causing it to flatten or crease at the hanging point.  A curved hanger is ideal because it allows the hose coil to hang in its natural, rounded position.

Hose Hangers

3. Another option is to purchase a retractable hose reel that blends in with your yard. There are plenty of options to choose from, so finding one that fits with your decor shouldn’t be an issue.


Wick Hose Reel $57.99

Tools can also become a mess if you don’t have a proper way of storing them.  Listed below is one creative way that will make keeping your tools organized.

  1. The two most common spots for people to store their tools are either in their garage or in their shed.  Often the tools end up in both your garage and your shed!  One easy way to keep your tools organized in a single area is by using PVC Pipe.  Yes, oddly enough, if you cut PVC Pipe into small sections, it can be used as holders for your tools.  Just look at the example below-

pvc pipe

Good House Keeping

Purchase PVC Pipe

2. Pallets make risk-free tool organizers.  People get intimidated by the thought of nailing hooks or making holes in the walls of their sheds or garages.  Hanging a pallet gives you lots of options with only a couple holes.  Attach all the hooks, buckets, and clips you want to the pallet.  If you want to change the configuration next year, you can replace the whole pallet.

Click here to learn to make a pallet organizer.

So, with a little time and determination, your yard can look like this:

Green Lawn in Landscaped Formal Garden





Rather than this:

dirty yard

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