Did you know we sell concrete (and its relatives)?

Of the thousands of items available at Page’s, how many people know that we sell concrete?  We do and now you know!

We have several different types of concrete for whatever project you are working on.

Concrete is easy to use – Pour the powder into a bucket, add water and mix!  There are several products that people refer to with the term “concrete.”  Take a look below to see the differences between cement, concrete, mortar, and sand mix.

Portland cement, (you can just call it cement) is the building block of concrete and mortar.  Cement is not usually used alone, but mixed with sand and/or gravel, then water.  Some people like to control the ratios, instead of buying pre-mixed mortar or concrete.  You can also add colored powder or decorative stones into the mix.

Concrete is a mixture of cement, sand, and gravel.  Mix it with water and you can start building foundations, patios, or sidewalks.

Mortar is a mixture of cement and sand.  Mortar is generally used to stick other building materials together, like bricks or concrete blocks, rather than forming foundations on its own.

Sand mix is a type of mortar that is strong enough to be used as a bed for laying tile and paving stones.  It can also be used as a top coat on concrete and to repair cracks in concrete,

Post set is used to, you guessed it, set posts.  The cement in this concrete mixture has a faster drying time than regular cement, so your post will stay upright without someone holding it vertical for hours.

We carry all-purpose sand, which can be used with Portland cement, and can also be used for traction on icy concrete in the winter (see below).

Polymeric sand is a mix of sand and binding agents.  Polymeric sand is ideal for filling joints between pavers.  Unlike the other cement products above, Polymeric sand is applied dry, then wet to set it.  A dry day and careful cleanup are recommended, to avoid stray drops of polymeric sand from hardening on the surface of the pavers.  Click here for an installation guide.

Play sand is available for use in sand boxes, but should never be mixed with Portland cement for mortar or concrete.  Play sand can cause mortar to shrink and crack.

preparing of glue for tile

Caring for your concrete is important.  Concrete should be sealed and cleaned as soon as it begins to show some wear.  Weather conditions may also dictate how often it needs to be resealed.

Be careful of what chemicals you put on your concrete.  Products containing ammonium nitrates and ammonium sulfates are harmful however, rock salt or calcium chloride will do less damage.  During the first year outside, it is best to avoid any kind of ice melt altogether on concrete and just use sand.



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