Fall is a good time for a bonfire


Crisp cool evenings are coming, but it’s still a great time to hang out in your backyard. Consider making a bonfire to enjoy these cool evenings.  Dust off your guitar and sing some songs, roast marshmallows, or stare into the flames and ponder the universe.

To make a bonfire, find a good, level spot away from trees and other flammable items.

  • Make a circle of rocks.
  • Gather different sized branches and logs.
  • Find medium sized branches and make a teepee out of them in the middle of the circle.

Man collecting dry twigs for bonfire

  • Put some small, dry items on the bottom of the teepee.
  • Place some logs on either side of the teepee.
  • Keep repeating this process several more times.
  • Drop a match in the middle of the teepee, on the smaller, lighter kindling.

Always keep a bucket of water nearby in case of an emergency and to put the fire out at the end of the night.  Never leave a fire unattended.  Make sure the fire is completely out when it will no longer be supervised.

A fun snack at a bonfire is to make s’mores.  Find a long stick and place a marshmallow on the end of it.  Hold the marshmallow near glowing embers at the bottom of the fire.  These logs will be hotter than the flames at the top, and you are less likely to end up with a charred marshmallow than if you roast directly in the flames.  When you start to see the marshmallow smoking, check its progress and turn to roast any parts that remain white.  Be patient.  When it is golden brown and starting to lose its shape, place it between two graham crackers, along with a piece of Hershey chocolate.   This treat never gets old!

Homemade Gooey Marshmallow S'mores

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