Avoid bad luck and gift a penny with a knife

There’s an old legend that says it is bad luck to gift a knife to someone as that will sever your relationship with that person.  A way to avoid this is to gift a coin with the knife. The person receiving the knife and coin can then return the penny to you, thus “purchasing” the knife and keeping the relationship intact.

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 10.29.42 AM

No one knows where this legend came from.  Some say it dates back to Medieval times. Others say it originates from the founders of Page Hardware (kidding, we’re old but not that old).

According to Survival Knife Experts, the Vikings believed that “gifting a knife to someone implies that the receiver isn’t able to buy himself a good enough knife to kill the giver so he has to be given the knife for free.”  Selling the knife at a low price apparently avoided insult, and perhaps convinced the buyer to not use that knife on the seller.

Some also believe that gifting a penny, as opposed to another type of coin, is a good luck gesture.  Not only are you keeping your good relationship intact, you are also wishing the recipient good luck.

We have good luck/relationship saving/shiny Pennies available with every knife purchase.



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