Tips for painting a wall

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Now that the holidays are over, you may have time for a winter project.  Perhaps this is a good time to freshen up a room that is over due for painting or you want to change it’s look.  We have some good tips for you to make the process easier.

First, pick your color.  You can pick up paint color chips and brochures at Page’s.  Take many different ones and tape your selections to your wall near your furniture.  Be sure to look at the chips in different lighting, as the colors can shift from daylight, shade and tungsten artificial lighting.  Once you have your choices narrowed down, buy samples of your favorites and paint a large swatch of wall with each.  Live with the colors for a few days to see which one emerges as the winner.  Still can’t decide?  Ask about our Perfect Palette color consultation program.

To figure out how much paint you will need, add up the lengths of each wall and also the heights.  Multiply the length times the height.  One gallon of paint will cover 400 square feet.

Did you know that we are now an authorized Benjamin Moore paint dealer?

ben moore

After you have decided on your color, it is time to prep your room.  Remove as much from the room as you can, cover the rest and move it to the center of the room.  Remove all switch plate and outlet covers, and cover the electric outlets with painters’ tape.  Clean all walls so dust and other materials are removed.  Use painters’ tape to cover the area where the walls meet the trim, baseboards and ceilings.  Scrape and sand areas where you might have flaking paint.  Fill in any holes and cracks with joint compound, let dry, and sand flat.

It is not necessary to prime with all paint jobs.  You will need to prime if you are covering a dark wall with light paint, if the original paint was glossy, and when covering bare hardwood, bare drywall, stained or patched areas.  Otherwise you can start directly with your paint selection.

First, cut in the areas around the ceiling, trim, and baseboards.  Use an angled brush for these parts.  For the rest of the wall, people find using a roller easy and fast.  You can use a conventional rolling pan or the new “Dip N Roll” invented by the Moffit Brothers in Guilford.  The Dip N’ Roll has a scraper in the bucket so you simply dip your roller in the bucket and roll up and down on the divider to evenly distribute the paint on the roller.

Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 9.59.46 AM

Most rooms look best with two coats of paint.  Many paints claim “one coat coverage” but the color will be deepest and most durable with two coats on top of a properly prepped wall.

If you have any questions, our paint department is ready to answer them.

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