10 things to do during National Cherry Month!

Did you know that February is National Cherry Month?  We’re sure this is coming to you at late notice, so we compiled 10 fun things for you to do to celebrate this national holiday!

13987428 - sweet cherry.

  1. Bake a cherry pie
  2. Learn how to use a cherry pitter.
  3. Read about what happened to George Washington when he chopped down a cherry tree.  We can’t lie, it’s pretty interesting.
  4. Have a cherry pit spitting contest.
  5. Heat your sore back with a heating pad made out of cherry pits. They hold heat pretty well!
  6. Use cherry wood chips in your grill or smoker.
  7. Play corn hole with beanbags that you made stuffed with dried cherry pits.  You don’t even have to dry them yourselves.  You can buy them from the Cherry Pit Store.
  8. Plant cherry pits them to grow new cherry trees (start some in a pot, then transfer outside when the ground thaws)!
  9. Make Cherry Pit Vinegar.
  10. Heat your home.  Some people use cherry pits to heat their home.  It a clean burn and they actually burn hotter than other fuels.  However, it’s probably easier and cheaper to grab some logs than to pit a ton of cherries.

What ever you do, please don’t ever eat cherry pits.  Cherry pits contain cyanide- producing toxins.  If you accidentally swallow one or a few you probably won’t feel any effects, but if you eat a lot or even one crushed pit, it could actually be toxic enough to kill you.


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