Who’s the boss?

Dog with grooming equipment

Meet the new boss of pet hair in your home, the Miele Cat and Dog Vacuum series.

This vacuum is recommended for all flooring types – rugs to hardwood floors.  Each vacuum comes with an Electrobrush for carpeting and a smooth floor tool.  Also included are three standard cleaning accessories, along with a mini, handheld Turbobrush specifically designed for cleaning pet hair off of furniture.  Miele offers four models – choose from two bagged canisters, a bagless canister, and an upright.

The vacuums have excellent multi-stage filtration systems using active charcoal to significantly reduce unpleasant odors.  No more funky pet smells!  Your guests will never know that you own a pet.

And just to set the record straight.  The real bosses of your houses are your pets.

Woman with puppy

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