You’re STIHL the one!


One of the most dreaded chores around the yard is weed-whacking.  Not because it’s a difficult chore, but because it is always so difficult to start the weed walker.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could just push a button to start a weed whacker or chain saw instead of mixing gas (oh yeah, you won’t miss going out to buy the gas) and the endless pulls trying to start the machine?  Well you can do this with STIHL battery-powered equipment.

The STIHL battery product line features three different levels of products for the occasional family user to the high-end professional users and, they can get the yard done on a single charge!  These STIHL products can go head-to-head, performance-wise, with most gas-powered products on the market, but they are so much easier to use.

Stop by and visit out STIHL product display in our hardware department and see what we have in stock, including chainsaws, weed whackers, and blowers.  We are so excited for this new product line!


Still not sure if a battery powered power tool lives up to the hype?  According to Popular Mechanics, “The 36-volt tool is nothing short of remarkable.  It’s the first cordless outdoor power equipment I’ve found that radically closes the gap between gas engine and cordless (or electric)…Starting up the chain saw was an odd sensation, since it dispensed with the ritual that I’ve become so familiar with over the last 30 years or so. There was no fuel to mix or add, no choke fiddling, no pull-and-start sequence.  There was no revving the saw to get it warmed up.  I simply grabbed the saw, walked into the woods and turned it on.”

Try STIHL’s battery-powered products this season.  We are excited to hear about your pleasant weed-whacking experiences!

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