How to grow beautiful hydrangeas

19366562_10159019877970599_2257537781369603134_nHydrangeas are a summer favorite Guilford.  Some houses have beautiful balls of colorful goodness growing all summer long, while others can never seem to grow a single bloom.  What’s the key?  Is it the garden or the gardener?

Growing a beautiful hydrangea bush is not as hard as it seems.  Hydrangeas love three things:

  1. Porous, moist soil.
  2. Water
  3. Morning sun and afternoon shade.

Too much shade or incorrect pruning will cause your bush to not bloom.

It’s fun and easy to change colors of your hydrangea bushes.  Blue flowers need a more alkaline soil.  You can lower your soil’s pH by adding aluminum sulfate to your soil.  If you want more pink flowers, add lime to raise the pH.

According to our hydrangea guru, Martha Stewart, you should never, ever, ever trim the blooms for drying before September 15th.  This is a hard, fast rule!


Pruning hydrangeas is also very important, as long as you time it right.  Don’t cut the stalks back during fall yard work.  You have to wait until winter is over and early spring has begun before you can cut back the stalks.

Many people swear that hydrangeas thrive with a sea breeze.  While there is no scientific evidence to back this up, one has to wonder if this is true when looking at the beautiful blooms on Block Island to Cape Cod.


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