De-mist-ifying humidifiers

Arid winter air can exacerbate breathing problems, contribute to dry skin, chapped lips, and dry eyes, and create annoying static cling.  Heating our homes keeps the temperature comfortable, but sucks the moisture out.  Humidifiers can help combat the dry days of winter.

Humidifiers come in several styles:  Evaporative, ultrasonic, and vaporizer

Evaporative humidifiers use a fan and/or a wick to soak up water and evaporate it quickly into the surrounding air.  It is important to use bacteriostatic treatment solution in these machines to avoid the growth of bacteria and algae that can enter the air through the wicking process.

Vornado humidifiers all use a universal wick, which can make it easy when buying replacements.  If you own a Holmes or Honeywell humidifier, bring in the old wick or take a picture of what you are replacing, to match up with a new wick in the store.

Ultrasonic humidifiers vibrate the water, breaking it down into tiny particles that are absorbed into the air.  Ultrasonic machines do not require any bacteriostatic treatment, but demineralization tablets are recommended.  The well water in our area contains many minerals that leaves behind a white residue when it evaporates.  This white dust can build up on surfaces around the humidifier.

Air Innovations  Great Innovations  1.37 gal. 400 sq. ft. Digital  Ultrasonic Humidifier

Vaporizer machines heat water to make it evaporate.  Some people find that warm mist helps treat coughs and cold symptoms.  Water can corrode the heating elements over time, so using distilled water or purifying tablets can increase the lifespan of your vaporizer.

Venta humidifiers also purify the air.  Heavy water collects the bacteria and pulls it back into the machine instead of allowing it to go out into the air.  You can use these machines as air purifiers all year round, even in the humid summer months, because you can adjust the humidity level.

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Humidifiers, similar to air conditioners, can only saturate the air directly around them.  Usually a small humidifier will work to humidify a bedroom.  You can extend the affected area by placing fans in doorways, to blow the humidified air into adjacent rooms.


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