Mother’s Day under quarantine


Mothers Day 2020 small

This year’s Mother’s Day will look a little different for many families.  Some moms will be missing an annual brunch or hugs from her their grown children.  Others will be aching for “me time.”  Here are a few ideas for celebrating the mothers in your life.

Make a card

Homemade Mother’s Day cards never get old, and you are never too old to make one.  Avoid the Hallmark aisle this year and break out the construction paper and markers.  Decorate your card with magazine cutouts, print pictures of the family, or cut out hearts and flowers from a piece of painted paper.  Write a cheesy poem for the inside, or just write how you feel.  Mom will love it because you are still her baby.

homemade card

Host family trivia

Mothers of all ages have embraced technology this spring, learning to use Zoom and FaceTime to remain socially active.  Host a trivia event on Zoom, asking questions about the family.  This will give Mom a chance to reminisce, laugh, and show that mothers know everything.

Give Mom a call

This seems obvious, but endless video chats have taken the spotlight off of a good, old-fashioned telephone call.  These days we have nothing but time, so carve out an hour to really listen to your mother.  Ask her to tell (or re-tell) the story of when you were born.  Ask her to share memories of her own mother or some of her favorite childhood experiences.

Take a Sunday drive describes Sunday drivers:  “In the 1920s and 1930s, many car owners did not depend on their automobiles for transportation. Taking a leisurely and largely aimless drive in the country on Sunday afternoon was a form of entertainment, as gasoline was cheap and abundant.”  A hundred years later, this rings true once more.  Pile the family into the car and go for a drive.  Take back roads, explore a new town, and make a list of restaurants or stores you want to visit when life reopens.  Pro tip: Public restrooms may be at a premium, so go before you go.

Give Mom some quiet time

For mom’s who are burned out from working from home, homeschooling, and constant parenting, the best gift may be an empty house.  After breakfast in bed and a homemade card, Dad can take the kids out for a long hike, leaving Mom to sit in silence.

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