How to bend candles

A recent trend on Tik Tok and Pinterest is candle bending. We discovered that the Danica brand of candles that we carry are perfect for the craft. Hand-dipped in West Rockport, Maine, Danica tapered candles are made from a blend of beeswax and other premium waxes that reduce the chance of cracking when you try to bend them.

The process is simple. Find a container that comfortably fits the candles and fill it with hot water. You don’t want to use boiling water because that will melt the wax completely. Using hot water from the tap should be sufficient. Soak the candles in the hot water for 15 or 20 minutes. Test the candle by gently trying to bend it towards the thin end. If you feel too much resistance, soak longer or try heating the water slightly.

Once the candle gives way to gentle pressure, you can bend and twist it into the desired shape. Here is where patience comes in. Bend slowly and gently. A gentle twisting motion can also help create the desired bend. Quick, harsh moves can break and crack the candle.

When choosing a shape, keep in mind how it will sit in a holder or on a table. Do you plan to burn it or just use it as decoration? Bending the top to one side may make the candle fall over in a tall holder. Burning a candle that is bent in a u-shape requires attention and care to keep it lit and to avoid setting fire to the table.

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We found that bending worked best when we kept the candles immersed in the hot water. As soon as you pull the candle out, it begins to cool and harden. Especially on a cold winter day, this slowed the process down and risks a break.

Softened candles can also be carved, flattened, twisted, or pressed with patterns. Try a combination of ideas to create a beautiful centerpiece.

***Never leave burning candles unattended***

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